Prayer and Fasting

Praying Hope over Coronavirus

Note: Although the Day of Prayer and Fasting has passed, you may wish to use some of these ideas or resources in your ongoing prayer life as we seek God’s face and pray for Hope in these times.

Bishop David has called us to a Day of Prayer and Fasting, Saturday 25 April, 2020.

We would suggest that you consider fasting one meal – or if that is not possible for health reasons, you may choose something different to give up for the day. There is a Simple Guide to Christian Fasting on the Diocesan Website to help you with this, along with a Diocesan Prayer Guide as well.

In addition, 24/7 Prayer have put out some great resources here to help us to engage with prayer in this time. You’ll find links to several of these below, including family friendly versions.

We would suggest that you break up your day in three parts, and take an hour to focus your prayers in the morning, then again around lunchtime, and then from 7-8pm concluding with the Lord’s Prayer.

You may wish to fast from the news cycle, which can be overwhelming at times. If you choose to do this, perhaps you could limit yourself to looking at the news for 15 minutes at lunchtime, and use that as the basis for your prayers then.

We would also suggest spending time listening to worship music and engaging with that between your prayer slots. If you go out for a walk, you may even wish to listen to worship music through headphones as you go, praising God for His goodness and the beauty of his creation. You may wish to use our free Spotify Worship Playlist to fuel your worship time throughout the day.

The following prayer resources will be quite useful for guiding your prayer time for the Day of Prayer, and beyond:

Lockdown Prayers

A 60 Minute Prayer Guide

A Family Friendly Prayer Guide

Prayer Spaces at Home (Family Friendly)

7 Day Devotional

Unite714 Prayer Initiative

A Call to Pray