Life Groups

Sharing, learning and journeying together through life’s ups and downs.

Our Life Groups form a central part of our community and we encourage everyone to be a part of one. We believe that 'doing life' together in a way that's shaped by God's Word forms an essential way to grow in our faith and to give us a platform to reach out to others in our community.

Through Life Groups we expect to see transformation in our lives, our church and our world as we put Sunday’s teaching into practice, learn to serve one another with the gifts God has given us, and reach out with the Good News of Christ.

Life Groups meet on the first and third weeks of the month on various days in the week. Some meet in the church and others in homes, some are for women or young people and others for any and everyone. Whatever the case, there’s something for everyone, and always room for more.


To join a Life Group, speak to the rector or one of the Life Group leaders for more information.